Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas in July Day 3- Making gifts with gifts- Fabric

I have always believed that the best gifts are those that you make yourself and sometimes you have to use what you to have or can get with little cost. My mother and grandmothers often sent homemade Christmas gifts. Some of the most cherished gifts I have received were made by people I love. So for this Christmas in July day we are talking about making things with what others have given us.  My older sister Holly has a beautiful Geisha themed quilt that she made (I wish I had a picture of it to show you its amazing.) I had been admiring all the wonderful fabrics that she had used in her quilt and I had an idea. I called my sister and asked if I could have the remnants from her quilt for a project; being the wonderful sister that she is she agreed and sent me several pieces. With these remnants I made several sewing projects. Below I will show two of them, the others cannot be shown as they are gifts for my sweet sister I mentioned before (that's right Holly you'll just have to wait and see =)

This is a cute zippered cosmetic bag I made.

This is a matching pocket tissue holder.

This is where I got the pattern for the pocket tissue holder just in case there are some sewers out there who want the pattern:

Look around.  What do you have? What can you make for someone else?