Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July Day 10- Traditions Christmas Trees

Every year we pull out our pre-lit fake Christmas tree (I'm allergic to pine trees) to be decorated. My children started helping us decorate when each of them was about 2 years old. They help hang up their stockings too. The date we put out the tree varies from year to year. We replace our ornaments every 5 years and we usually leave the tree up until New Years. What is your family tradition with your Christmas tree? Do you go cut down your own tree each year? When do you put your tree up or take it down? Do you have different themes each year? My mom has had a Southwestern theme with chili lights, another year it was ornaments with everyone's pictures on it, and this year she may change it again. Do you get a live tree or a fake one? So many of  my memories include present under the tree: Do you put yours under the tree?