Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas in July Day 11 Traditions Opening gifts

When my daughters were little we decided that we would try different ideas about how to open the presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I wanted to avoid the "dash and trash" that did not allow the girls to really appreciate the gifts they were given. I didn't want my girls to look at a gift for 5 seconds and then toss it on the pile. What we do is we give the girls one present to open on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning the girls get to look at what Santa brought them. When David and I join the girls we all take turns opening one gift at a time so we can ooh and aah over everyone's gifts. We also decided to limit the gifts that were given (see my note of 5 seconds per gift and then it goes on a pile.) The picture above is from 2010, that's my Lela being photo surprised while opening her gifts. What traditions does your family have? Do you wake up at dawn to open gifts on Christmas morning? Do you open on Christmas Eve? If you get a gift on Christmas Eve is it a special gift, pajamas maybe?