Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christmas in July Day 19 Christmas Eve and Serving others

Today is July 24th and in my way I like to compare it to December 24th. December 24th is my Dad's birthday and that reminded me of the Christmas Eves my mother, sisters, and I spent serving the officers of the Phoenix police force dinner. My father was a police officer for 35 years. I was 34 when he retired and honestly I was sad in a way that my children would never get to serve the people who protect them everyday like I did. You see many officers worked on Christmas Eve which meant dinner was usually fast food or whatever food they could get if places were closed. This was back 20 years ago when restaurants and other places were not open 24 hours a day. So, my father and mother would cook food and my sisters and I would dress up in dresses and go feed the officers my father worked with on Christmas Eve.  It wasn't really until I was a teenager that I realized that the sacrifices my family was making were appreciated very much by those officers. To this day I cannot tell you any names of the officers we fed but I remember the look on my Dad's face as those officers thanked him for caring about them.  Who can you serve and help? Can you donate your time? Can you donate food? Can you open a door for someone? Can you smile at someone and brighten their day? Why not start today?