Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone its been a crazy month of crocheting, weaving, sewing, scrapping, and wrapping trying to get ready for Christmas. I will get pictures downloaded soon all of the crafy goodness I gave away this year. Santa was good to us this year, we got a Wii, games, and all kinds of other good stuff. I also got a nice gift right before Christmas, a new cell phone. I am now the proud owner of new beautiful red Samsung Rant. Oh sweetness and light I love this phone!We have been up since 5am so I am going to keep this short. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas. I appreciate all the love support all of my friends and family have shown me this year, its been the best gift of all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its December already!!!

Okay where did November go? Well now its time to start thinking about Christmas, but before I do that I wanted to show you some Thanksgiving crafts that my middle daughter made at school. My daughter's teacher is seriously crafty. The children made two costumes, a pilgrim and an Indian (Native American.) They also made a turkey napkin holder out of a toilet paper roll, too stinkin' cute. I just had to share.