Saturday, March 7, 2009

It makes you think....

Yes, I am alive but things have been very busy. After I survived dental issues my middle daughter ended with a sty in her left eye (Yeah! Another trip to the doctor.) Then I had to get caught up on some things like: the scrapbook project I was trying to finish (no it's not done), gathering up all the stuff for our taxes (that's not done either) and the usual laundry, dishes, and cleaning.

Just when you think life is beating you down you have an experience that reminds why all that other stuff does not matter as much as you think it does. A week ago my husband's grandmother had her 4th mini- stroke (TIA is the medical term). We were very concerned but she was lucky she did not suffer any permanent damage as far as the doctors could tell. This was scary for us because not only were the doctors worried about the stroke, they were worried about her sky high blood pressure, her heart, and her kidneys. They wanted to do a procedure to clear some blockages from her heart but had to postpone it because of her kidney issue. My husband and I took turns visiting the hospital, calling, and being with Grandma throughout her hospital stay and during her recovery at home. My husband's Aunt is taking very good care of Grandma and we are thankful that she is recovering.

I spent two days with Grandma this last week helping her do things around her house, cleaning, grocery shopping, making follow up doctors appointments, etc. I realized several things during this experience. First and foremost, how much I love my family. I have a wonderful husband who took time off work to stay home and be with our children for two days while I helped his grandmother. He cooked, cleaned, did laundry, worked on homework with our daughters, dealt with potty training accidents, and tried to keep our house running while I was gone 10 to 12 hours a day. Each night I would come home to my dear husband and I could tell that being "mom" was hard on him but he did not complain he gave 110% and that is the best gift a wife can get. Second, I felt blessed, I did not have the opportunity to help my own grandparents during the many health crisis that they experienced over the years because I was too far away from them. I feel blessed that I was able to spend time with Grandma and help her. My heart ached for what I missed with my own grandparents but knowing that I can make a difference with Grandma has helped ease my heartache some. Third, I realized that I really needed to start taking better care of myself now. Many ailments that plague people in their senior years started when they were younger. I have not been taking advantage of that knowledge these last few years. When I tucked my daughters in bed tonight I thought about what it would be like for them to have to take care of me. I realize that will happen someday but I want to try to be healthy so that hopefully they will not have too much to worry about. Like everyone else I figured I had "time" I am "young" I can still do what it takes to get healthy. But time never stops it just keeps moving and I am closer to 40 years old than I used to be and I have run out excuses for not doing what I need to. Does this mean I will be making some changes, yes it does, but its been a long time coming. I will write about my efforts from time to time to share my progress and hopefully my successes. Its been a week of reflection in many ways. So much else is going on but I will have to share that another day.

My friends and family please take care of yourselves. Give yourself the best chance at a good life; only you can do that for yourself.