Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Q & A Session

Okay I had a few questions come up the last week in my comments and e-mails so I thought I would answer them.

Question #1: The first question is about the fabric I showed at the end of my April 2nd blog post.
What is the name of fabric you are using to make your bag?

I bought this fabric at a great local store(35th Ave Sew & Vac) my mother and my aunt shop there frequently. The fabrics are by Westminster Fibers, the collection is Park Slope, the names/numbers of the fabric is Poppy Dot flower #EM02 and Flower Field #EM3, and the designer is Erin McMorris.

Questions#2: What kind of bag are you going to make?

Answer: I had this lovely pattern below by Amy Butler that I picked out when I bought the fabric. I just love the idea of having the bag with a matching scarf I could wear as a headband. The bag is reversable so that you can decide which fabric you want to show. I was thinking of adding a strip of giant hot pink ric rack that I have in my ribbon stash, it's super cute!

But then my mom brought by one of her quilting magazines and showed me another pattern that would allow both fabrics to be seen. I will try to scan the original article in the quilting magazine so you can see it in color it is VERY cute too. Once I get the bag done I will take a picture.

Question #3:What kind of sewing machine do you have?

Answer: My machine is a BabyLock, I cannot tell you what model it is but its a very basic machine.

Question #4:How long have you been crocheting and kniting?

Answer: For many years. I was taught both crocheting and kniting in the 3rd grade by my wonderful teacher, Mrs.Ingber. She was a very crafty teacher. I think she taught us all because it helped our fine motor skills, what a smart teacher! I have been primarily a crocheter for many years and just recently picked up knitting again after seeing some fabulous patterns I want to try out.

Question #5: Do you sew/quilt a lot?

Answer: No not reallybut I am going to be trying to do it more often. I come from a family of sewers, my great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother all sewed and quilted. My first memories of sewing were my grandmother and my mother at their sewing machines; I could always tell where they were by listening to the hum of their machines. My grandmother made my sisters and I dresses and other clothes when we were little. I also love to admire my great-grandmother's quilts.

That's the end of my first Q&A session but I did want to address some other comments that were made.

Crocheting is not really difficult to learn, I truly believe this because I learned as a dsylexic 8 year old. If I can learn to do it, anyone can. There are lots of great websites that have step by step instructions with photos that you can follow to teach yourself and their are of course several good books. I happened to like the instructions at and . Lion Brand is a yarn company, they offer online instructions in knitting as well. There are several websites out there that offer patterns for crocheting and knitting; my favorites are:,, & I like the websites that the yarn companies have because they often have patterns for the yarn you have choosen. I like this because I often buy yarn without having a project in mind, its hard for me to pass up a good sale on yarn.

Well that's its for now. See you tomorrow.