Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Movie

Here I am in front of the Twilight poster at the movie theater, with my Twilight t-shirt on. This was taken after we saw the movie since I didn't have time before the movie. ( I hate how I look in this photo I had to stand at a weird angle to make sure there wasnt too much reflection on the poster.) Here is my opinion of the movie: Yes, I liked the movie. Was it as good as the book? No. No one should have expected the movie to be as good as the book because honestly we all had our own ideas about what the movie should look like based on what we saw in our own minds as we read the book. That being said I still felt that movie hit all the major elements of the book. The things I liked (without revealing too much to those who havent seen the movie by now): I liked the back story added to certain plot lines, I liked the prom scene too. I was dissapointed in few things: First and foremost I felt like the entire movie moved too fast, I wanted it to linger more in certain scenes or areas. Second, I wish certain parts of the book had not been left out. Third and last, I didnt like the actor they cast as Mike Newton. So there you go my unsolicited opinion. Will I see it again and buy the DVD? That is a definite yes. I wonder if they will make movies out of the other books? The answer to that is yes! Summit the company that made Twilight will be making New Moon into a movie. Here's hoping they can get the orginal cast back.


Suzee said...

You'll have to read my blog entry about the movie. It's the post titled "Thud thud".

Melissa said...

Will you never speak to me if I am on Team Jacob. Could be part of the twin process.