Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

I {heart} Halloween! So here are some pictures that week took on Halloween. I am waiting to see the pictures my sister Samantha took, hopefully she will e-mail them to me soon and I can post those as well.

Okay so I'm no Bella Swan but I really liked the fangs!

I was sweating big time in this cape but I love it too!

This our dog Shadow dressed as a pig, its his birthday on Halloween and his nickname is pig-dog because he snorts like a pig sometimes.

Here are the girls.

My oldest the Gypsy.

My middle daughter the Ballerina Princess.

My youngest daughter Tinkerbell.

David wore is his "This is my costume" t-shirt, he promised he would dress up next year. The girls got lots of candy and had a great time with their grandparents before and after trick or treating. I hope all of you had fun.