Thursday, September 11, 2008

Color Inspiration Card

I have this REALLY talented cousin, Kristina. She has an awesome blog and was recently asked to become a Garden Girl (for those of you not familiar with the online scrapbooking world let me tell you this is a HUGE honor.) Congratulations to my cousin, UR DA BOMB! She does a color inspiration challenges on her blog and I just haven't taken the opportunity to participate until now. Of course I had nothing in my stash that fit the color scheme so I just winged it. So here is what she chose:

And here is my card, which has probably missed the deadline for today (hey its the thought that counts right?):


Sherri said...

That's oh so cute! It's my first time to your blog I think - and I just have to comment on your family pic - so darling!

Kari said...

Very cute card! I love all of the circles!!

Kristina Werner said...

SO CUTE! I love you to death, Mandy! And I'm so glad I found your blog! :)

Mandy Miller said...

Kari- Thanks, this is not a great scan of my card but there was full blown sandstorm/monsoon storm outside today so I couldn't take my card outside to photograph it.

Kristina- I am glad you find my blog, I hope you are having fun in MN!

Sherri- Thanks for the compliment on the photo, my family is squirrley and fun and our photos reflect that.

Savitri said...

Very cute!!! I love this card. Your family photo is super cute too!