Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well...when it rains it pours {figuratively}

So again I have been M.I.A. that seems to be my permenant status these days. So what have I been up to well this going to be long and a little whiny but you still like me right????

Different family members including me had colds, then my oldest daughter who didnt get the cold had pneumonia. My oldest daughter doesn't get sick all that often but when she does she usually gets very sick and this worried me. You see my oldest daughter is my dependable one, I count on her to be...well....her...she is smart, independent, quiet, and lots of help around the house. My oldest daughter is getting to the point where I won't be able to "take care of her" like I do my younger daughters, I am not ready for that. So I rented her movies and took out to run errands with me when she started feeling better. I am not ready to let go my oldest "girl" before she becomes a young lady. Then my youngest daughter got a cold again which you wouldnt think would be bad but a drugged up on cold medicine 4 year old is dangerous thing, its like a just dont know when she will go off.

After everyone got well one of my teeth went super-massive-blackhole (I suffer from particularly bad genes when it comes to teeth) and I needed to get a root canal. I was in total agony the night before I went to the dentist, in fact I did not sleep at all for about 48 hours. I got in to see the dentist Tuesday, he prescribed pain medication. Well pain medication is great.......when you are not allergic to it.....yes....apparently I am allergic to least that's what the hives attested to. So my Dentist (who by the way is 2 years younger than me, wow I'm old) switches me to another pain med, which by the way still had Codine in it......yeah more hives....I returned codine filled pills to another prescription (Wednesday).... no hives....was able to sleep about 6 hours.....Limped to the dentist today(*see my story below as to why I was limping) says"Hmmm your tooth is dead"......."what????" says I....."Yes," says the dentist, "and its all infected in there." (Flash backward two days ago when dentist said, "NO you dont need an antibiotic is just a broken nerve you need pain medication.") Okay I didn't say much more after that since I was nice and drugged up on novacaine and had a dental dam stuck in my mouth. My dentist was nice to me and gave me a pillow for my head and a blanket to keep me warm while I spent 2 1/2 hours in his office getting my root canal. He even gave me another shot of novacaine before I left so that I wouldnt be in pain later, he was truly penatent man.

*Before this lovely trip to the dentist I was cleaning the ceiling fan in my family room. I needed to move the chair I was standing on to get at the fan from a different angle but then my youngest daughter decided to "help" me, well, the chair ended up whacking me on the front of my left ankle...yes, if you recall that is the ankle I broke in two places about 2 years ago. So its swollen and will probably have a huge bruise tomorrow.

Tuesday was also memorable because it was the day my daughters 5th grade class was supposed to be given "the puberty talk." Well, since my daughter didn't go to school for the entire week before (because she had pneumonia) no permission slip came home and somehow it slipped the minds of her teachers even though I was in e-mail contact with them all week long. So of course Tuesday morning when the school called to get permission so she could go to "the talk" I wasn't home. So she had to sit it out and I will be going over "puberty" with her.

Then today after I lived through my dentist appointment my middle daughter says her foot hurts. Apparently she stepped on something with her bare feet yesterday at our neighbors house and either she is allergic to it or its infected.

I also have a scrapbook project due for a class I am trying to teach that I have stopped and tried to work on about 20 times in the last 10 days and its driving crazy that I am either: too tired, in too much pain, too distracted, or its too late at night to work on it because I need to sleep at some point.

This evening my dear husband looked at my swollen face and swollen ankle and recalled with me all of our difficulties in the last two weeks and he handed me some chocolate and hugged me and said, " We just have to figure out how to keep you from hurting yourself." Poor diluted man doesn't realize its my karma and he is married to that karma. Its a good thing he keeps me in chocolate or I just might not make it.

Hopefully I will have good news tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent, I love you guys I really do.

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Les said...

Wow, sounds like we're soul sisters. I had a very similar two weeks involving very similar issues. Except at my dentist appointment we figured out that I'm allergic to the novacaine!