Monday, February 2, 2009

Stressed and Blessed

Sorry I havent been around, things have been a little intense lately so I haven't had time to post. So what's been going on:

1)I joined Coupon Sense and have been shopping and saving like a mad woman. I have also been recruiting everyone I know to start using coupons, its not as hard as you think. I saved $500 just this month on my groceries and I will probably not have to buy some of my staples for the next 4 months. If you want to know more e-mail me. =)

2)I donated blood a two pint donation, yeah for helping people! I will be donating again in May when I am elligble again and I encourage any of you who can donate blood to do so when you can.

3)A week after I donated blood I got a head cold along with David and my middle daughter. My other two daughters never got sick, go figure.

4)I have been preparing for my class on Saturday, I am very excited to teach this month its such a joy I am so blessed to have students that sign up for my classes on a regular basis.

5)I have been learning to knit and will have pictures soon. Thank you to Holly my older sista for getting me the yarn and needles so I could start knitting, I love you shorty!

6)Now to my stress, yesterday at church I was told that two of my friend's husbands who work for the same company as my husband were laid off. We have all known for months about the layoffs but with each new round of layoffs we have all been on edge. I was so sad for my friends but thankful that so far my husband has not been told he will be laid off. I am feeling stressed today, I know the company plans more layoffs but right now we do not know which departments will get hit next. If you are reading this whether you know me or not please pray for my family that no matter happens we will be okay. No I am not asking for you to pray that my husband won't get laid off I know that whatever happens that I will be blessed. Thanks to everyone for you support, I am feeling better already just getting that off my chest.

Well, I am off to clip coupons! Happy Monday!