Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crochet hooray!

Okay I promised pictures of some of the crochet projects I did for Christmas, most of these are the ones I gave my daughters. I have made other projects since then just haven't photographed them yet.

I used Caron yarn for this hat and scraf combo; it was so soft and cute!

I used Lion Brand Fun Fur for this scarf.

I used two different colors of Lion Brand Suede yarn for this hat.
Again I used the Lion Brand Fun Fur, she just had to have her dog in the picture.
My oldest daughter likes funky hats so I made her this red and cream hat with Lion Brand Suede yarn.

This is also I Lion Brand yarn but I don't remember what its called but its got the Fun Fur and Slub yarn mixed. I made two pink and blue like this one.
This was the beginning of a shawl I made for my husband's grandmother; its made of the Lion Brand Suede yarn. I made a purple shawl for my mother-in-law and I combined two shawls to make my oldest daughter a poncho. Since Christmas I have made 2 more scarves, 2 ponches, and I have another scarf in progress right now.

Now here's my secret of the day: I bought knitting needles today, watch out I am on a roll. But don't tell my hubby yet, he cannot handle another craft craze right now. He, he, he.


LIZZEE said...

I cannot crochet for the life of me.. They are all so cute

April Hall said...

Very nice work!