Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where have I been????

Okay I know where I have been but all of my adoring fans (all three of you) are definitely wondering what I have been up to these past two weeks. So here is the top ten things I have been doing:

1. Celebrated oldest daughter's 10th Birthday (Yikes! I have a 10 year old!!!)
2. Oldest daughter got glasses. (Picture to follow)
3. Worked on and survived Crafting Saturday at my church.
4. Caught a cold.
5. Laid in bed for two days, then got out of bed and cleaned.
6. Went to the Desert Botanical Gardens (The Monarch Butterfly exhibit was awesome, photos to follow.)
7. Worked on my Christmas Album class (Teaching it tonight!)
8. Obsessed about Halloween costumes.
9. Tried to figure out how to attend 3 "Fall" parties at school and 3 parent-teacher conferences all in a 72 hour time frame.
10. Re-read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and 1/2 through Breaking Dawn. (Edward, SIGH, to bad he is fictional, wink)

I promise I will get more pictures posted things have just been CRAZY. I miss you all.


Marisa said...

I tagged you!

And, I'm glad to hear that you reread the Twilight Saga. (I just did that too! Missed a ton in BD because I read it too quickly.)

April Hall said...

Hi Mandy!!!!!! Glad to see you're back on the up and up! I have order Twilight so hopefully soon I can read it!