Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Legos are for girls (and Mommy too!)

My dear husband bought himself a set of Legos a while back because he wanted to use them for a robotics project he was doing in his spare time; little did he know that once our youngest daughter saw the aforementioned Legos that she would take great pains to get her little hands on them. Daddy gave permission for our little darling to play with the Legos (while supervised by Mommy.) Ever since her first Lego experience she has become quite interested in building with them; houses and towers are her favorites. She also likes to build the projects that are shown in the little booklet that was in with the Legos. Today she asked me to the make the red truck that was in the instruction booklet. I was really digging this so I put the little Lego man inside the cab so he could drive our truck. We had lots of fun so I took some pictures of our red truck and my youngest playing with the Legos.

See the Lego man's smiling face; he is in Lego Truck heaven.

" Mom, Help! Its stuck!" (Mom puts down the camera and prys the Legos apart.)

She likes to build tall buildings. "Up, Up, Up," says my girl.

"Honk Honk Beep Beep Vroom Vroom!"

Keep on Truckin' my blogging friends!

PS. Thanks to everyone that weighed in on the Facebook question. I am going to keep working on my Facebook page and enjoy the pages of my friends.

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Melissa said...

Legos are the best!