Monday, April 18, 2011

My life is a Zoo

My youngest girlie Anaya had her class field trip to the World Wild Life Zoo recently and I was able to go with her. Here are a few shots from the Zoo.

This is Miss Anaya and I before we left for the Zoo.

Seriously, who doesn't love Meerkats?!

Anaya with the Meerkats.
(It wasn't really bright outside, so I dont know why Anaya is squishing up her face.)

Anaya feeding the giraffes.

Anaya and I looking at the exotic birds.
(Okay. Why is Anaya always making that squishy face?)

Anaya with the sting rays at the aquarium. At first she didn't want to touch the rays, slimy things bother her but she did it and said, "Wow, they're cool."

Miss Anaya with the Penguins.
(Again, what is with my daughter's face?)


Capuchin Monkey

 I fed the sting rays while at the aquarium and I may post those another day but I wanted to share the fun we had.


Marisa said...

Fun! I may have to take my family there soon before it gets too hot.

Kristina Werner said...

So fun! And I love your long hair, Mandy! I haven't seen you in ages! I'll be in AZ over Memorial Day, so I'll have to make it a point to see you then.