Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updates & more

Crafting update:
This beautiful fabric is what I am planning to use for the purse I am going to sew in October. (Thanks again Aunt Debbie for the fabric!)

I am working on 4 scrapbook classes right now that will be taught over the next 4 months. My favorite classes right now are a family album made with Basic Grey Lime Rickey paper and a Christmas Album made with American Crafts Merrymint paper (See below.) Don't you just love the reindeer and the gingerbread people. (You can't see it in the photo but they have lovely metallic elements on the paper.) I finished up 6 scrapbook layouts that have been sitting on my desk forever, it was nice to make room for other projects.

Mandy update:
I started allergy shots this month and so far its not bad; hopefully after doing this for a year I will start to see some relief. I have been working with an Advocate the last two months, she is helping us with our problems with the school district regarding the classroom supports we feel our youngest daughter needs to be truly successful in school. I have run the gamut of emotions regarding this; I have been angry, sad, depressed, hopeful, and content. I believe that all of the work I have been doing with our daughter's teacher and the advocate will pan out for us in the future. I have gained the strength I have needed to get through this from my family, friends, and the Lord. I have appreciated everyone's support and advice.

Here is what my children have been up to:
My oldest daughter, Lela, is continuing with her horseback riding and has enjoyed going on several trail rides that last two months. We are excited to report that my parents ( Lela's grandparents) horse is still pregnant and we are hoping for a successful birth next year so that Lela will finally be able to see "her" horse. Lela joined the CARE Club at school; its a club for 5th and 6th graders; they do fund raisers and participate in school/community activities. Lela was also selected as one of 60 kids who will compete and interview for 3o spots for a special Mission at the Challenger Space Center near our home. We are very excited for her and we hope she gets selected. We will let everyone know if she makes it.

Our middle daughter, Cora, returned to her singing troupe, Shine Your Light Singers, this month and is enjoying making friends with the new girls in the troupe. According to Cora's teacher at school, she is one of the most popular children in her class. Usually I don't put much stock in "popularity" but in this case I was happy to hear it because the teacher said she was popular with the other children because of her kind and compassionate behavior toward them.

Our youngest daughter, Anaya, is enjoying Kindergarten very much. Anaya has been telling me all about the things she does at school and the friends she is making. I have to keep asking her who everyone is because she has so many friends. We feel very blessed that Anaya is doing so well in a regular Kindergarten class. When you have an Autistic child you worry if they will connect well with other children their own age that don't know about or understand her condition. Anaya is working hard to overcome the challenges she is facing each week as her school work becomes more difficult for her. We are hoping that in the next few months the classroom supports we have been asking for will become a reality.

David is busy as always with work, he took over some projects that another person on his team was doing previously. When he has free time, David plays chess and helps his grandmother work on his family's genealogy.

That's what we have been up to since my last post, hopefully I didn't miss anything. I love you all and miss those of you I don't get to see regularly. Happy Fall to all of you who get to enjoy the changing of the leaves this time of year, just know I am a little jealous of the beauty you are surrounded with.