Saturday, August 9, 2008

I got distracted...

You'll notice my previous post about what we did this summer was dated August 4th because that was the day I started working on it but it wasnt posted until today August 9th. I got a little distracted when this came in the mail:

If you haven't read this yet, don't continue reading this post, and if you are not a Twilight Saga Fan you'll just have to ignore this post too. I was really looking forward to this book I finished the book in about 10 hours. I barely slept, mostly didnt do housework, but did manage to feed my children. I finished the book Monday but then had a bizillion things to do to get the girls ready for school so I haven't had time to talk about the book until now.

Here is what I thought of the book: Sweet!, what?, really?, NO-Way, well I guess...., hmmmm

Now for the interpretation of what I just said:

Sweet!- Bella and Edward get married and run off to an island honeymoon.

What?-Bella is pregnant, what? I didn't think the undead could procreate so this kind of goes against the traditional vampire model. Which hey, kudos to Stephanie Meyers for putting a new twist on that but is just didn't seem right.

Really?- Bella handles herself as a newborn vampire really well, which at first I was like okay she is different from most but that is just TOO convenient.

NO-Way-Jacob (werewolf) imprints on Bella and Edwards daughter Renesmee (half-human/half vampire) Okay I know they mentioned other werewolves imprinting on children before but this just did not seem right to me. This was NOT the way to end the Jacob-Bella-Edward love triangle. This REALLY bothered me.

Well I guess...It makes sense that someone would find out about Renesmee and that the Volturi would show up. I also figured the werewolves would help regardless of the Jacob-Renesmee connection.

Hmmm- I did like that she introduced other groups of vampires from other parts of the world that was very interesting. And I did like that she left the situation with Renesmee with hope that she could survive her uniquess and that there were others of her kind. Also the revelation regarding the "werewolves" in Forks and La Push really being "shape-shifters" and not "real werewolves" was interesting as well.

Now here are the questions I have wondered about: Does this mean that Stephanie Meyer will write about the werewolves/shape-shifters now? Will she write about Renesmee and Jacob? Will there be another saga? At this point I don't know but I will say that if there are more books in the future I will be harder please because of my disappointment in this book.

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Melissa said...

my DD is reading this now and says she has to finish it but she doesn't love it like the others.